Have you ever wanted an opportunity to do something that will really help make the world a better place?

Engaged Encounter may be the way for you to do that. We are a Couple Ministry, working in the Diocese of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, for the idea of improving marriages in our area. We give a weekend that helps couples work on communication, conflict resolution, and seeing the importance of having God at the center of their relationships. If couples can truly take the values of the weekend with them the world will be a better place.

But we don't have time to get involved with something like this.

In the first place, joining our community is not all that time consuming. Those of us that present weekends usually give between 2 and 4 weekends a year. But there is a commitment to preparing talks and being a part of the community. There is also a need for couples to work in support roles in our community. Those of us in Engaged Encounter really have made it a part of our family in many ways. Our community is a great way for couples to do something together that really makes a difference in our Church and in the world. Just think, if we could really do something to make marriages better and longer lasting, how many other problems would be solved.

OK, so how do I join?

We meet on a monthly basis for Engaged Encounter business, marriage enrichment and community fellowship. We would love to have you at our next meeting to get acquainted. Then you can decide if this ministry is for you. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out the location of the next meeting. Catholic Engaged Encounter is open to all couples that live in the Baton Rouge area and are able to commit to helping our community grow. To be a presenting team on the weekend both spouses must be Catholic, but community membership is open to all.

Meet Our Volunteer Couples!

Jonathan and Winslow - Presenters
Richard and Mary - Certificate Couple and Presenters
Doug and Lynette - Supply Couple
Mark and Leigh - Enrichment and Presenters
Eric and Jessica - Recruitment, Social Media and Presenters
Daniel and Lisa - Meals on Wheels, Stewardship
Luke and Ami - Decor Couple
Chad and Rebecca - Priest Scheduling/Recruiting and Presenters
Eddie and Linda - Local Coordinators, Registration, Workshop and Presenters
Troy and Julie - Prayer Sponsor Couple
Bill and Meredith - Finance Couple
Josh and Lauren - Prayer Sponsor Couple
Joey and Brittany - Recruiting and Packets

Couple We Need You!

We still need couples to fill these roles:
Presenting Couples
Prayer Sponsor Couples
Packet Couple